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On Health Consumerism: 

Behind the best intentions of health practitioners on the ground level, there's the dark side of the industry. The "health worlds" (as I started to think of all the different health perspectives & lifestyles) are a multi-faceted multi-billion retail structure. A narrow-sighted medical system, very expensive health care, lifestyles that don't support physical health, personal beliefs, and constant marketing around health topics create an environment that no matter how much time, energy, and money Americans spend on health, perfect health can seem unattainable.  

Marketing around health often leverages fear, shame, authority, and social pressure. It's so routine it's not always noticeable. For example, when we look at doctor endorsements of cigarettes in the 1950s we laugh; but we don't know what advertising today will stand out 70 years from now. 



















With so many competing interests from the various health and wellness worlds, the consumer is standing on a landslide of conflicting & changing information. It's created a constantly swinging pendulum that points from one health mantra to the next. 


On Pendulum:

Pendulum Newsletter investigates and researches health topics so that you can quickly access information that takes time to find. 

I am not a doctor or expert on anything in particular. intention behind Pendulum is to actively not give advice. On so many topics there simply isn't an answer, just an educated guess on what we know so far. At the end of the day, health choices are built on beliefs and that is the Pendulum I find myself chasing. 

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